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Website FAQ

Address fetch

– This parameter is automatically obtained by sending an email to

The web address won't open

  • Please get the latest address, go to the browser to enter
  • Please try to change browsers, it is recommended to use Chrome/Alook/edge/another dual/quarks
  • To access a copy address, prefix it with https://
  • Use vpn/ Ladder/Science to get online
  • If none of the above methods work, try contacting the administrator for more feedback

Video loading failure

  • Please turn off the vpn or ladder and switch to 4g/5g/wifi
  • The network dns is faulty due to certain carriers and ip addresses
  • Individual old post video link lost, can leave feedback.

tg group sensitivity restriction

  • Join channel tg:
  • Follow the steps for unblocking sensitive content within a channel

If you don’t have any problems of your own, you can leave a comment below and we’ll update you soon. Thank you for your support

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